There just aren’t enough lawyers and mom bloggers in the world…

I should be studying… or finding a job for next summer… or doing the laundry… or helping my husband feed our son… or practicing yoga… or sleeping… or having some other form of “me” time (blogging is certainly “me” time, but in the narcissistic sense, not restorative sense)… But here I am. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while and so I’m writing my first post. I don’t think I have a good reason for wanting to blog about parenting & lawyering (I could make something up about community and sharing, but while fostering a community–of exactly what I don’t know–would be nice I don’t think a blog would be the right forum). I suppose I want to blog because I have thoughts running through my head that just don’t find an outlet during the normal course of the day.

I see this blog as a space where I can explore the challenges I encounter in the different spheres of my life. Because all of this is quite unexpected… I’m not sure how exactly I ended up in law school. And I certainly don’t know how I ended up with a beautiful little boy. I’m sure like most law students, I expected to be challenged when I started law school just over two years ago. And like most moms, I expected to be challenged when my husband and I decided to have a child. I expected to be challenged when finishing law school while raising a little boy. … Man, did I ever underestimate the challenge! But here I am… trying to finish my last three semesters at a competitive law school (and then start a career) while keeping my focus on my family. As I publish this first post, I am grateful that 1L is behind me.


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