Reflecting on my post on the working mother’s “dilemma”…

So I’ve been thinking about my post on Cheever & the “mommy wars” and perhaps it was a bit too bold. I got a little worked up (and rightly so… I still think the guilt game is lousy) but it’s not that I don’t worry about whether or not I’m doing right by my family… ALL. THE. TIME.

You see, my mind often wonders (usually when it shouldn’t) to the question of what it means to be a good mother. This was especially on my mind during my winter break, when I had the privilege of spending a lot of quality time with my son & my husband. “Is this how it should always be?” “What will I do when I have to get a JOB and quit my flexible student life?” “Will any of us survive unscathed if I’m working… and working as a LAWYER at that?!” Etc.

But, I’ve also realized that motherhood in not just one thing for every woman, and that by obsessing over some perfect (nonexistent) ideal I’m piling the guilt on myself. That’s just no way for anyone to live. So, I’ve decided, as long as I’m loving my work and finding some semblance of a balance we will all be fine… and likely better than fine since I can’t imagine that having a happy, fulfilled mama as a role model for a little boy could be a bad thing!


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