Rough day…

I have to admit that I am struggling. Struggling to be a patient parent. Struggling to be a focused law student. Struggling to a spouse… at all. Struggling to be a functioning human being.

After a challenging evening that included crying, biting and not much sleeping, there followed a challenging morning that included crying, biting, no sleeping and a missing nanny. And a melt down (my own).

There are days when I wonder if I will finish law school. Despite my best intentions, I am not the focused, organized parent-student that I thought I could be, portioning out my day and getting things done. Instead I am bedraggled, procrastinating, distracted and (today, at least) neither a good parent nor a good student.

I see people around me pushing through, but I don’t know what they are doing… They must have the magic spell that adds hours to the day…


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