Almost done!

Summer job & fall semester have been craziness for me. Not to mention the job search (successful!). Oh, and being a mom…

So I have one huge paper, one hard final, and one sort-of-hard final… and then… I am done.

It feels strange and I am not entirely sure that I’ll be successful (especially with that paper I have to write). But I have a feeling that this is it, whether I like it or not. I’ll likely not fail, though I may not accomplish all that I could.

And on that note, maybe that’s what feels strange about the idea of finishing. I am happy (oh so happy) with the prospect of being done, but I also have regrets about my time in law school… People & professors I failed to connect with, efforts never applied, activities & project given up. I’m happy with my life, but it’s always hard to let go of the opportunities we’ve passed up.

Maybe the next time I right I’ll actually be a JD, if not yet an Esq!


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