The Future of Mom, JD

I realize that my husband is likely the only person who reads this blog (hi, sweetie!). Which is very kind of him. And it’s nice to have a space where I can work out the craziness of being a mom and (soon-to-not-be) law student. But I suppose these aren’t really the reasons I started the blog (thankfully, I can also work out my craziness directly with my hubby over coffee).

When I was pregnant and thinking about what it was going to be like to be both a mom and a law student I started a search for other law student moms (I had seen only one other big belly on campus & she had graduated). I thought, surely there must be others silly enough to have babies while in law school! So I searched the internet. I found (unsurprisingly) a number of defunct blogs, abandoned under the pressure of too many demands on someone’s time.

Well, I started this blog to fill that perceived void. And like the one’s I had found, this blog went untouched for various lengths of time, as I could hardly stop long enough to take a breath, let alone comment on anything in my life or out in the world. And my need to connect was answered when I started to meet some awesome moms at my law school. (Who knew we were a club?!)

So now as I get ready to graduate, I’m wondering what this blog should become, if anything. I’d like to think I’d have been happy to find this blog when I was searching for other women like myself in those early, pregnant days. And I think it’d still be nice to connect with more law student/lawyer moms. To trade stories and share advice. But that really hasn’t happened here yet, and I’m not sure how to make that happen (or at least facilitate the possibility… no time to think to much about blogging “publicity”).

What I’ve found in the few entries here is that I’m much more interested in writing about parenting than about the law. I love law school & I’m glad I’ll soon be a lawyer, but at this moment in my life, I’m much more likely to be thinking about parenting rather than the latest SCOTUS opinion in my spare time (and by spare time I mean the numerous moments of procrastination that ensued during law school…). I really enjoy reading books and articles and blogs on parenting. I also just like non-legal writing (I did enough of the other sort in my 3L paper, thank you very much).

So I think I’ll try to maintain Mom, JD as a parenting blog. I might intersperse a little legal chit-chat or law school advice/nostalgia here and there, but I imagine this as a place for me to explore the issues that come with being a professional and a mom who is dedicated to both attachment parenting and “equitable” parenting. I’m far from perfect as a mom (or as a law student for that matter… witness low points documented here & here) but I think that’s what makes thinking about parenting and motherhood all the more interesting.

All that to say, stay tuned (or tune in for the first time) for a few new posts about some of these things in the very near future (once I’m done with finals, that is… one more final!).



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2 responses to “The Future of Mom, JD

  1. It sounds almost impossible to be a professional and a mom! I’m currently in my first year out of med school doing my internship, and I can hardly imagine having kids in addition to work! Props to you for doing both, and good luck on your final!!

    • Thanks SpiritWeek! It’s not that it’s impossible. Just tricky & yes, at times stressful. But there’s nothing better than coming home to my son, especially after a tough final! Good luck with your internship–I can’t imagine doing that period, child or no child!

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