Week One of Bar Review… With Toddler

I started bar review this week. It didn’t get off to a good start.

First, I didn’t realize that as an online student, I’d be expected to watch the four hour lectures sometime after 5 pm. Right… Because this is why I have childcare three days a week during the day. Quite the disappointment after I got myself all settled in the library on Monday morning, torts outline in hand, headphones plugged in.  So, right off the bat I’m a day behind, because there was no way I was going to possibly get through a four-hour lecture in the evening after not having spent any time with my son all day.

Also, this week my husband had to be out of town for work for two nights. I really enjoyed having those days to connect with my son. After the madness of finals and the travel of the holidays it really felt like I hadn’t spent much quality time with him in the last two months. He napped like a champ both days, so I did get through some of my bar review material. Not nearly enough though.

End of week one, I am three days behind.

I admit that I have been feeling a bit cavalier about the bar exam (or at least about studying for it) after having completed a rather competitive law school program. “How could bar review possibly be as bad as law school?” I wondered to myself. Plus, the MPRE seemed so easy (I definitely over-studied for that one). Well, here I am, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material I have to cram into my mommy brain over the next two months.

I am a one-tracked mind type of person, so I really need to get a handle on the studying to carve out time for other things… getting my law school loans squared up for repayment, prepare W-2 for the nanny, buy plane tickets to go take the bar exam, attend to said toddler, sleep (already fell asleep twice studying…), etc.

So why am I writing this blog entry when I should be reviewing contracts?! Well… lecture break. Quick post, no edits.

Also, I need help! Any moms out there have any tips for how to survive the bar with toddler? I’m feeling right now like I need the four-month version of bar review… Or maybe I should just start studying now for the July exam…



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2 responses to “Week One of Bar Review… With Toddler

  1. Sadly, I have no bar advice (just a psychologist who had the kid after all the professional training — at 43). But I do have moral support. I found this browsing through other postaweek2011 people’s entries, and definitely wanted to pop in and read. As a fellow toddler mom, I can share the joys and exhaustions of parenting a munchkin. Good luck with the studying, and if you need a laugh, check out stark, raving, mad mommy’s blog. It is a hoot.

    • Thanks for leaving a note, Beth! Sometimes I think it would have been awfully nice to have had the babe after being settled in my career, but, hey, life just unfolds in it’s own inexplicable ways. I will definitely check out the blog — I can use a good life amidst all this studying!

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