Bar Review… Week Two Wrap-up

I’m a perfectionist… to the point that I read v.e.r.y. slowly in order to take in e.v.e.r.y. word. This means that I will never get through all the material that I need to before that exam rolls around.

So I tried out a new tactic last week. I am skipping the outlines before the lecture, maybe looking at the table of contents to gather the vocabulary (I know, I know… this should not be an aha! moment, but for me it is) and then watching the videos.

It’s going well, but I’m still catching up from Week One & I haven’t done nearly enough of the practice questions, which I think is probably very, very bad. But I also learned this week that if I aim for 80% on the exam, I’ll be aiming high. And once I catch up, I’ll have no problem doing the MBE practice questions because, well, I actually kind of like ’em.

Well, this week brought new surprises… Nanny was ill most of the week & there were snow days (which actually meant that MFA Dad was home, but somehow those days flew as I was way too tempted to spend time with them…).

On a happier note I did manage to purchase my plane ticket & book a hotel room for the exam (hello, Chicago in February!… I hope I don’t get killed by a skyscraper icicle…), both for great deals. I’m excited that I’ll be hunkered down within blocks of where the exam is administered, instead of being a 1 1/2 hour El ride away with family. But, oh, how I’m not looking forward to pumping again while I’m gone. I was cringing as I asked the hotel customer relations person to make sure to put a mini-fridge in my room… So I can refrigerate the whole two drops I’ll pump, which will somehow prevent me from bursting during the middle of the exam. Oh, the joys!

So today is the ultimate catch-up day (which is why I’m wrapping up Week Two when Week Three has already technically started) because there’s no assigned lecture.

Week Three — Get rid of the perfectionist & just hunker down to get through it. Because, really, that’s all I have to do (or can do…).


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