Week Three of Bar Review

My friends (now bona fide lawyers) have been trying to encourage me through bar hell by regaling me with their own tales of bar review woe. I am not going to belittle their troubles, but I just can’t imagine that any of them ever felt this behind or this out of control.

Because to be honest… I have come unhinged. I am over-stressed and over-tired and I don’t have a grip on my studies, my time or my family. It’s starting to bleed into my relationship with my son, my relationship with my husband. And while I know that hubby & I can get through tough times, I worry (perhaps overly-so) about my relationship with the toddler.

I have worked hard at remaining “attached” while finishing a demanding law school program, but now I’m in full-on neglect mode. I leave most days of the week for long, long stretches, only to return home distracted and irritable. I wake up cranky from having gotten to bed too late and having been woken too many times during the night. I sometimes try to just close the door and work in the bedroom, using earplugs to drown out the knocks on the door or making brief appearances when I hear a “mommy see” coming from the living room.

In one month (ONE MONTH!!) this madness will be over. But in one month, from the perspective of a toddler, my neglect will culminate in my disappearance for three days and three nights. I know he can sense my stress. I know (on some level) that he’ll also get over it. … We’ll all get over it. But I just wish I could have better prepared us all for this craziness, and I wish that I could be the sort of quick-thinking youngster who just gets through all this material and isn’t so distracted. I know I’m being a bit over-dramatic, but this is HARD!

Secured transactions, here I come!


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