Countdown to the bar – 2 weeks

I am certainly reaching my saturation point. And I have about three areas left to study (corporations, agency & partnership, and equity … yay…).

So where does that put me?

Well, I am getting serious, if it’s at all possible to be more serious about this than I was before. I’m not scared (yet), but the whole process, the whole test is more in focus. I am still technically “behind” where I’d like to be, but all in all, I’ve done a lot of practice questions & essays, and I’ve come a long way in catching up on my review of the topics (And in reviewing I was recently reminded of how much I don’t understand real property … I really paid attention to that lecture, yet somehow it’s all still a foreign language to me!).

On the flip side, I’m starting to daydream more… About having a life! I am generally a content, easy-going person (that is, I try to just accept where I am & enjoy it as best as I can), but here I am (in my early 30s, no less) thinking that I am so excited that my life will finally begin on February 24th. That is… Unless I fail the exam… Back to studying!!


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