3 promises going into the week before the bar exam

1. Go to sleep early each night between now & the bar exam.

I’m “underslept” right now & will quickly run out of steam in the “excitement” of the exam.

2. Be present with my son when I’m home.

Poor little guy can definitely sense my stress & I’ve been a little distracted when I’ve been with him lately. If I’m “home”, then I’m going to be playing with him or interacting together.

3. Be a less demanding partner.

I realize I could up the ante this week & make life miserable for my husband  if I let my stress get out of hand. He’s under the weather & that should be my priority — protecting his health, not running him into the ground because of his good nature.

OK, I missed one…

4. Study.

‘Nuff said. If I’m not doing 1 – 3 above, I’ll be doing this. In fact, if I’m just rocking T to sleep, I’ll probably be doing this in my head, as I was at 4 this morning (… piercing the corporate veil when the corporation is an alter ego of the shareholder who… man it made me shudder a little to realize I woke up thinking about corporate law this morning… no offense to corporate lawyers, it’s just not something I typically think about… same with torts, etc.)


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