If someone gave me $225 today…

Courtesy of modish at http://www.sxc.hu (my fave free photo site from back in the day when I designed book covers) ... a little bird told me I needed more pictures on my blog...


… I’d call a cleaning service & take T out for the day while the apartment was being cleaned. A girl can dream, right?

I was reenergized after taking the bar, but now I’m just depressed by how much there is to do & how little time there is to do it in with the munchkin running afoot. I have dreams of getting my house & life back in some semblance of an order, but I can hardly figure out where to start! (For a funny take on this type of dilemma, check out this Hyperbole and a Half post … It pretty much perfectly describes my mood right now. … Thanks MFA Dad, for the link!)

I honestly don’t know when the last time most surfaces if my house were dusted. And I’m ashamed to say that this is totally on me as my husband is dust allergic. Now I’m just overwhelmed as I can’t even uncover most surfaces to even actually dust.

Also, since I failed to timely provide my husband with all the information he needed to correctly file our taxes last year, it’s my turn to file this year. (IRS agents, if you are reading this, don’t worry it’s fixed!)

Argh! I am failing miserably after one week of being the mostly-stay-at-home parent (except for the excellent meals I’ve prepared for dinner… which isn’t to say that I didn’t feed T guacamole & crackers for lunch…). Life was so much easier when I had a legitimate excuse for ignoring all these messy details of life. … Maybe if I get that bar review course book deposit returned to me sooner rather than later I’ll either pay someone to (finish?) cleaning my apartment or pay someone to complete my taxes. While I’m waiting, I’ll just procrastinate by writing more blog entries & fretting now about moving & starting my new job in the fall…


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