Work & Work

Two weeks ago, I was preparing for a trial (not my trial, but my supervisor’s trial). I was in my suit & pearls (yay for fancy graduation gifts!) … & switching the diapers from the washing machine to the dryer on my way out the door… I thought, this is my life now: suits + diapers. Pretty cool!

Flash forward two weeks. My first real job post law school: nannying. I’m ragged & sweaty & tired from chasing two toddlers who insist on running in opposite directions the entire hour-plus we spend at the playground.

… Yes, the glamorous (ha ha?!) trial mentioned above is my volunteer gig (ya know… keeping my head in the game for the job that lies ahead!) But my paying gig is watching another toddler. And, boy is it way more tiring that organizing filings or prepping experts!

I suppose it’s hard work no matter how you slice it!


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