Date day

Yesterday was the last day of our nanny share. A sad day because it meant the official end of the childcare set-up we have had for almost two years… guaranteed time for T to spend with his friend who he’s now spent time with since he was 6 months old. They’re really like siblings & it’s been so much fun to see them interact & grow together over the pasts two years. Luckily, they run into each other at the playground often.

We also said good-bye to T’s nanny (his 2nd), who he adored. She was not always the best at communicating with adults, but to see them interact together always overrode the logistical frustrations of the nanny-parent relationship. He will certainly miss her a lot!

Yesterday also marked the first transition in a series of tumultuous times ahead… a big move (far away from his dear friend) & a switch from mom to dad as primary caretaker. Among all the other crazy stuff a 2-year-old is going through!

But, instead of bemoaning the changes ahead or trying to cram in one more day’s worth of work, MFA Dad & I took the day for ourselves. We walked (a lot). We had coffee & pastries. We saw a movie (woo hoo! cheap matinee!). We ate a liesurely lunch. We talked. And talked. I can’t remember the last time we had a day just to ourselves. It was amazing & recharged us as individuals & as a couple.

I cannot recommend a “date day” enough! While dates in the evening are nice, this had a totally different energy (& not just because I wasn’t falling asleep by the end…).

So, play hooky, take a vacation day, use a personal day… do whatever you need to do. But take a day for yourselves as a couple. Especially if you’re like us & not quite ready to leave the little one for an overnight getaway.


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