Is pink the new blue?

New York Times ran an interesting article last weekend that fits nicely with my follow-up to my feminist mother post (making this a follow-up to a follow-up?…). You can find it here.

It’s about children & gender nonconforming behavior. Boys painting their toenails pink, girls getting mohawks. The article paints a positive picture of parents encouraging their children’s interests no matter where it lands on the gender spectrum. The rest of us, it seems, could do a better job supporting such families — Unfortunately, the article reports that the harshest words can come from other parents & from other children (to the point that some families actually are moving or changing schools on account of teasing & bullying).

Clearly, we are not dealing with such issues here in truckland. Not yet at least. If we do, I don’t see it as being a big deal. We already encourage T to play with his dolls & play kitchen (not that I actually think these are “girl toys”). But even if we don’t ever deal with any gender noncomforming behavior, we will definitely work on encouraging T to be compassionate & understanding of the spectrum of interests kids might have — Seems like what we all should be doing.



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4 responses to “Is pink the new blue?

  1. It seems like it all should be so simple. I’m continually surprised (shocked) by how uncomfortable people are with non-conformity in terms of kids/gender — & mostly how strongly assumptions about gender are slipped into the conversation. Always.

    I’ve written about that a bunch on my blog & also here:

    I found you through Blue Milk. Enjoying your blog!

    • Loved your Huffington post link & your blog! There are many days that I think that raising a boy is much less complicated than raising a girl in the age of the Disney princess.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kate H.

    Until something like the turn of the 19th C, pink as a color was strongly associated with the masculine (at least in the West–Europe and the US). A good reminder that most of this is constructed and human!

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