Life with a toddler

Yesterday, as I was trying to steal a quiet moment in the bathroom (a.k.a. rushing to get ready while the toddler was experiencing a rare moment of self-entertainment) T rushed happily in to say hello. I noticed a suspect white powder on his t-shirt & hands (though being Sunday & no mail delivery I immediately discounted the possibility it was anthrax… phew!).

T dragged me to his play kitchen where he proudly showed me a “pot” full of baking soda & more in the “oven.” The empty container lay on the floor… Oh boy…

Luckily, T had thoughtfully retrieved the broom & suggested I clean it up. But when he saw my face & I informed him that “no, the broom won’t do… I’ll have to get the vaccuum…” he burst into tears. Punishment enough, poor guy.

Remarkably I kept my cool, which I’m working on these days… (gee… loss of control is hard to deal with sometimes…). But (also remarkably) I managed to not burst out laughing, which is the other challenge. I quickly scooped up a tablespoon to wash my hair with later (“no ‘poo” — I love it!), we talked about why he shouldn’t do this (though in the back of my mind I was also making a mental note to lock the pantry & keep these things on a higher shelf!) & we carried on with the day. Bonus — T learned a new word(s): “baking soda”… & it’s awfully cute when he says it.



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2 responses to “Life with a toddler

  1. At least he let you know what was going on… 🙂

    It’s great when we can take these moments to appreciate their creativity and inventiveness, even if it’s a challenge in the moment.

    • That’s a great ways to look at it! In retrospect I almost feel bad for crushing his grand scheme… Of course he was proud that he figured out how to “bake” like his mama & dada!

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