This blog is about to get real… again!

So far on this blog I’ve enjoyed exploring the issues working & student moms face, especial relating to the practice of law & to attachment parenting… but the truth of the matter is that since taking the bar exam back in February I’ve been only working very part time & enjoying more time with my son, T. Which means that while I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how working fits with attachment parenting, I’ve been doing less working outside of the house & more parenting in the house these days. This balance has been a great thing for me & for the blog — It’s given me the time to really think about the issues that I write about & time to dedicate to shaping this blog.

Well… this is all about to change as the Mom, JD family heads to the middle of the country where yours truly will begin working life as a real, honest-to-goodness lawyer. Yikes!

I really hope to pick up where I left off a month or so ago — blogging at least once a week. I also hope that I’ll be able to blog more about the day-to-day challenges I know that I’ll be facing. Law school was just too crazy for blogging as much as I had wanted to when I first started this blog (though the challenges were many!). Staying at home afforded me the luxury of writing leisurely, analytical posts (though the challenges were fewer & different from those I expected I’d be facing). Now… who knows! But I’m sure there’ll be a lot to write about.

Topics coming up: Moving house with a toddler, commuting in the real world, reflections on working vs. staying at home, and (oh, dear!…) pre-school in a big city…

So please stay tuned (if for no other reason than to witness the train wreck!).


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One response to “This blog is about to get real… again!

  1. Katie

    I miss you, m’dear! Hope all is well out there…I’ll be staying tuned!

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