Well I’m about 10 minutes behind schedule in part because I was working on some puzzles this morning with T. Which isn’t so bad.

I have to admit that I was multi-tasking… At least a little bit. I was eating breakfast & drinking my morning cup of coffee & building construction vehicles. But once I was done with breakfast I made sure to sit with my full attention & complete one more puzzle.

The real puzzle is finding moments in the day when I can be with my son. Just be together. Usually engaged in some little activity.

This is especially a challenge in the mornings when I’m rushing to get out of the door (so that I can come home at a decent hour, of course) & T’s wake-up time is in constant flux. It’s really hard to get a morning rhythm down hat involves both of us.

But I also think it’s really important to spend some quality time together before I head off for work. I know T misses me during the day & I’d like to think giving him some attention helps get him off to a good start. Be it puzzle making or lying in bed, nursing & giggling.

I know for sure it can’t hurt!

Just last week I was stressed out because of work & wasn’t getting much time with T in the morning. It was a rough week for him, too.

This is my puzzle… And I have a feeling the puzzle is just going to grow as time passes. But the key will be prioritizing & keeping life as pared down as possible… Being 10 minutes late will (almost) always be worth it.


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