Countdown to Thanksgiving

Two more days to Thanksgiving!

I love my job, but I love a four-day weekend even more. I don’t care that we have to drive for 3 hours on Thanksgiving morning. I don’t care that I have no idea yet what we’ll contribute to the meal. I don’t care that I’ll be stuck eating tofurky again (really, it’s not that bad… it’s just that if I had the energy I’d have done something homemade for a change…).

We will relax. We will play. We will do a little work. Oh… And we will eat & drink, too (I have to admit I love tofurky leftovers)! Hopefully Grandma will start baking Christmas cookies. Maybe we’ll even veg out in front of the TV (MFA Dad & me, that is). And the boy will be spoiled rotten for three whole days.

If we shop at all (we often unofficially observe Buy Nothing Day) it will be “main street” shopping. But more likely we will (try to) sleep in & just relax. That is, of course, if I get all my work done in these next two days.


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