Being there

T had a challenging day yesterday… Doc visit & a shot. Nothing Daddy & ice cream couldn’t fix, but by the time I got home he was already talking about going to bed.

Paradoxically (or typically, as the case may be) he had trouble falling asleep. I could just hear that he was restless in bed even though he wanted me to put him in his crib (yes, still in the crib at 2 1/2 & I hope he doesn’t try to climb out any time soon… He loves his little space).

Maybe 30 minutes later he calls out to me. He’s still snug in his blanket & says to me, “Mama, I want you to be here for me.” Needless to say my heart melted instantly. I stood there for a long while, rubbing his back & holding his hand.

Don’t we all have those days when we just need or want someone to be there for us, to hold our hands as we fall asleep?

I’m thankful I have MFA Dad to hold my hand after a rough day. And I’m grateful to be able to do the same for him & for T. And that T knows I’m there for him.


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