Pizza, like a vegetable…

Thanks to recent Congressional pronouncements, the blogs have been buzzing: Pizza is NOT a vegetable.

… So say the tweeters & bloggers. (Turns out Congress did not quite declare pizza a vegetable, but instead said that tomato paste is a veggie worth more than its weight in gold… Not quite as catchy.)

Why have the bloggers made me question my family’s love for pizza?! I paused a moment when MFA Dad told me that T had requested pizza for dinner because he was sad & pizza made him feel better.

This post has nothing to do with school lunches & almost nothing to do with Congress. … This post is more an ode to pizza.

Pizza is a serious pastime in our household. It’s made from scratch. It usually involves many vegetables, sometimes actual tomatoes & sometimes tomatoes from a can (gasp!). We’re using less cheese these days… Sometimes. Crust is made with whole wheat flour. And it’s delicious. One of our few gourmet indulgences.

When I say we, I mean MFA Dad & T do all the work & I help them eat the finished product. It’s a truly father-son event. T helps with the entire process but usually just nibbles on a piece or two. So when he says pizza makes him feel better he’s really saying that working in the kitchen with Dada makes him feel better.

So I’ll take that pizza is a veggie… Or, at least, like veggies, pizza is an integral part of this family’s routine.


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