The Current Struggle

Happy New Year!

I don’t really do resolutions, but I thought now might be a good time to start up a new (hopefully more interactive) series here on Mom, JD. …

Sometimes I run into a problem & I think, gee, it’d be nice to know what other lawyer (or full-time-plus) mamas do when they face a similar pickle. I’d love to eventually get others to contribute to the series as guest bloggers (if you’re interested now please contact me!).

I’ll start with something I’ve been thinking about lately but is really an age-old problem: me time.

I don’t feel like I have any & it’s starting to wear on me physically & mentally. So how do you do it? Or do you?

I have essentially two things working against me when it comes to making time for myself: guilt & more guilt.

I’m not the guilty type. I don’t feel any guilt when it comes to my decision to finish law school or pursue full-time employment outside the home. But leaving to take a yoga class or closing the door to meditate or read fills me with guilt… For not spending that time with T & for asking more of MFA Dad in terms of the child care duties.

Not to mention guilt for not taking care of all the other little life duties that are never-ending… I fail to make time for the essential ‘me’ activities: see a dentist (not to mention trying to find a good one), get a haircut, fill out my loan repayment assistance application … All necessary things that I just can’t find time for.

Two solutions come to mind: integrating exercise into my commute & getting out of the office during lunch to exercise, meditate, take care of that to-do list. The exercise-commute could become reality but it’s hard to plan any regular lunchtime activities since (a) my workday is often unpredictable & (b) it would mean a longer work day (& more time away from home).

I suppose there’s a 3rd option – let go of the guilt! But how? I’m truly at a loss.

What to do? How can I carve out a little space for myself so I can maintain (regain?) my sanity? How do you do it?



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