Would you?

T is potty training. Doing quite well actually & I’m so proud of him … But of course there are accidents now & then. …

This morning as I was just about to leave for work (hurriedly, as usual) T had an accident. MFA Dad had it under control, but as he shook out T’s wet clothes … I got sprayed. On my nice work clothes.

… I didn’t bother changing & dashed out the door.

I figured, I’ve been to work & school with spit-up on my clothes before & that has the potential to be way more stinky than a little toddler pee. I don’t think anyone was in on my secret.

Would you have done the same or would you have changed?



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3 responses to “Would you?

  1. Karen Rowe

    To cute and oh so funny but yes I would have chged!!

  2. Karen

    I think that if you can maintain your composure, don’t sweat the small stuff and laugh at the crazy stuff that happens in the day to day.
    Your family gatherings will be the best cherished and your anecdotes better than any tv show!

    • You’re probably right that I should have changed (though, really, it wasn’t that much!) but, yes, it does make a good story. T will find it funny (or not) one day.

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