Not the current struggle?

To follow up on my admittedly whiny “Current Struggle” post:

After some reflection (coinciding with a temporary dip in stress levels at work), I realize that this period of my being needed so intensely is fleeting. I realize that this period of my having to prove myself as I start out on my career is also temporary.

I have to communicate with others to get the time & space I need. And, even if it’s difficult in the moment, I have to not feel so bad for spending more time away from T when I need it.

And besides, the concept of “me” time is such a 1st world (even if not just a 1%-er) problem that I feel almost sheepish about worrying so much over it. Though I do think it’s true that I shouldn’t drive myself into the ground… That would be bad for me & my little family.

I’ve decided that I will work toward adding more physical activity into my day (stretching in my office, going for short lunch-time walks, starting to bike to work when the weather starts to warm up) but other than these little changes, I am determined to embrace this time in my life, challenging as it is, & to own my decisions & responsibilities.

I think that’s all I (or anyone) can do.



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2 responses to “Not the current struggle?

  1. Katie

    Hi friend! I love your thoughtfulness! And I’m glad you’re feeling less stressed.

    I’d add that you shouldn’t feel guilty that needing “me” time is a “first world” or “1%” problem. In other places, in other times (quantifiably more rural, more poor) oftentimes humans enjoyed a lot more quiet alone time–think watching the goats on the mountain side, think sitting in a pew in church, or making a pilgrimage or mending clothes or tools. I don’t think time for quiet, aloneness, or reflection is a modern-day privilege, but, in fact, something we’ve mostly lost.

    Miss you!

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