Attachment parenting on primetime

Amazing what a couple busy weeks at work & at home will do to your blogging! … Totally de-rail it!

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments recently (I’ll get to some of those interesting questions soon, I promise!) & I want to welcome some new readers.

Well, in the absence of original ideas, here’s an interview with Mayim Bialik (aka “Blossom”) on attachment parenting (and on co-sleeping, and on elimination communication, and on unschooling…). I think it’s a nice interview & that Bialik comes across as being a totally normal parent (even if I wouldn’t & don’t do things exactly the way she does). I like that she’s totally comfortable & confident with her parenting choices & doesn’t bat an eye when the interviewer comes at her with “well isn’t this weird” type of questions.

Might have some more thoughts later. But interesting that the interviewer asked if AP enslaves women when she is a working mom & fairly successful to boot. (Though there was little about what dad does aside from laundry & dishes…)

What were your reactions to the interview? Good for AP? Or just a Hollywood actress’s fairy tale (even if she’s a frugal one)?


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