Current Struggle: Organizing my home life

Working moms don’t have time to be disorganized. … Or so I’m learning.

I can’t risk having an important email go missing at the bottom of my in box. It could mean a missed networking opportunity. Or a passed deadline for T’s pre-school application extravaganza. Or an overlooked reminder of bill coming due.

Yet this happens to me all the time. This is in part due to the fact that my gmail account has no fewer than 2,000 emails in the in box. Ridiculous? Of course! The sad reality? Yes. (Thankfully I’ve always been better at keeping my in box clear at work.)

I also have multiple to-do lists (some, ridiculously enough, in emails or draft emails) & I’m always forgetting to look at one or another of them.

I find that this electronic clutter feeds into my brain clutter. I’m constantly trying to keep mental tabs on what I need to do, who I need to get in touch with, etc. It’s exhausting & it’s one of those things that can easily occupy my mind at 3 am when I’m in bed & not about to do anything about it.

Belated new years resolution: get my in box to ‘0’! Anyone want to join me?



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2 responses to “Current Struggle: Organizing my home life

  1. Deb

    Completely relate. Don’t remember the last time inbox was at 0. I have a 14 month old. We’re attachment parenting & I work part-time. I have tried multiple strategies this year to keep my to do list up to date, I too have multiple lists, & often it’s in my head.

    • 14 months is a busy, tiring age! It continues to get (marginally) easier, but just because my son is now 3 doesn’t mean my inbox is anywhere close to zero. I’m trying but not getting very far. The only time I have found to clear out emails is between projects at work, when i just need a 5-minute mental break. But that hasn’t gotten me very far! I have gotten so I only rely on a smart phone app for my to-do lists, which helps but I still don’t have a perfect (or even adequate) system. If you come across any good tricks, please share them!

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