940 Saturdays

Loved this Friday afternoon Motherlode post!

It’s a review of “No Regrets Parenting” by Dr. Harley Rotbart, which reminds us that there are only 940 Saturdays in a childhood. And apparently the book also offers the reminder that the years (if not the days) are short. This hits home since T will soon be 3 & I really just can’t figure out how it’s happened so quickly.

I don’t have any expectations for tomorrow (T is almost 3, after all & “plans” usually don’t work out as planned…) but we’ll be together. He’ll help me out at the grocery store, we’ll play, we’ll cook (I’ll work when he naps). It’ll hopefully be a simple day, together.



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2 responses to “940 Saturdays

  1. I found your blog googling “940 Saturdays” so I could show my husband the Motherlode piece–and I find you! It sounds like we have a lot in common, from having babies in law school, to AP, to working motherhood. Anyway, happy I found your blog. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found my little blog, Kate! I always love to hear how other lawyer mamas handle the craziness, so I hope you’ll stop by & share your thoughts once in a while!

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