Crafty? … Sort of…

A few weeks ago, I was (for some unknown reason) flipping through a cute book on family craft/art ideas. I was immediately inspired to decorate for T’s birthday party with a homemade banner & possibly even make a little birthday crown for the little guy. And I was going to make a cake from scratch, naturally.

MFA Dad thought I was crazy when I told him of my plan. I mean, I do hardly have time to wash my hair most days, let alone take on two craft projects plus one baking project in two weeks time.

But I lived with my plan for a few more days. Until we found ourselves at Target in the party supply aisle. Then I realized that my life would be infinitely more enjoyable if I wasn’t tracing letters or cutting paper & felt every night until the party.

Store-bought, out-of-the-bag, perfectly adequate "happy birthday" banner!

I settled on a homemade cake & all store bought decorations. And I came to terms with the fact that I’m not the crafty mom I’d (sometimes) like to be. There’s just not time for everything. But I think it turned out just fine.

Not-out-of-a-box, from-scratch fruity birthday cake!



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