Summer is in the air?

Can it be that I haven’t blogged since early April & now here we are, almost at its end? Busy busy busy April. My son’s birthday party & an intense work load & phew… I’m spent. I’ve been writing so much for work that when I get on the train I just want to melt into another world & right now that world is smack in the middle of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House (cliché, perhaps, but I love me some awesome 19th century fiction!).

But I stumped across this sweet summer story about a boy, his dad & what kids can come up with when they’re allowed to be “bored.” T is not yet old enough to possibly be over scheduled but this story is refreshing anyway. I like the idea of simple summers & imagine days in the future when we’ll hopefully give T plenty of free time get bored, & creative in the summers to come.



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2 responses to “Summer is in the air?

  1. RJ

    We plan on spending most of the summer days outside, diiging in the sand, watching our flowers grow, riding bikes to the park, and playing. We did enroll our two-year old into swimming “lessons” for 30 min a week for five weeks. I think swimming is an important skill to have-not that he’s going to get it at 2, but I’m hoping it will prevent fear of water. We may also have him participate in a 6-week “enrichment” (fancy word for playtime in my mind) program so he meets and plays with other kids once-a-week.

  2. Sounds like just the summer we’re hoping for over here, too! And swimming lessons sound like a good idea — We’ve done them in the past & just stop after a while — As a result T is now sort of comfortable in the water but has no “swimming” skills to date.

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