On the eve of Screen-Free Week…

Today we geared up for Screen-Free Week not by purging but by utilizing the screen a little more than usual (which, admittedly, is not a lot).

I think MFA Dad pulled up a little video (Thomas the Tank Engine, anyone?) this morning after breakfast, which led me to pull up the same video in an attempt to learn the words to the Thomas theme song (who’s the “cheeky” engine?).

Then we watched a video about mixing soil for our new raised bed garden (which thankfully segued into actually getting outside to mix soil & spend the entire afternoon outside even in the chilly drizzle).

To top it all off, I was blogging/socializing while T was brushing his teeth. It led (I think) to a spiral downward for the evening… from refusing to cooperate with teeth brushing to refusing to get dressed for bed… I should have focused on him instead of my device because he knows tomorrow I’ll be off to work & was just trying to enjoy the rest of our evening together. I should know better than to try to multi-task like that.

Tomorrow I’m pulling the plug. I will put my devices down when I’m around T, hopefully keeping them off or out of sight. I haven’t quite figured out what to do about taking pictures or showing T pictures or talking to his grandparents via FaceTime… these are the problems with all-in-one devices that seek to do it all. We’ll see…

In the mean time, please take the plunge… er, pledge… with me!


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