Screen-Free Week, Day 1

Day one of Screen-Free Week went well, while I was home, at least. (I left a bit of the literature from Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood with MFA Dad & I’m pretty sure he’s on board… But I try not to be too pushy…)

I left my phone out of sight except when T & I called MFA Dad to say goodnight.

I involved T in a few minutes of kitchen clean-up, we played with his trains a bit & then had a tickle fight. I gave T my full attention during the nighttime routine & we had a fun time. A screen-free success, I’d say.

I binged on my phone a bit after he was in his room but after a few minutes I lost interest & finished picking up & read (something on paper) in bed.

I probably won’t post each day, but I will post next week about plane travel with a three-year-old, without a screen. In the mean time, leave a comment to let me knowhow your spending your screen-free week!


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