If You’re Happy & You Know It…

I love this blog post from Todd Kashdan on the HuffPost Parent’s blog (which I always kinda want to call “Huffy Parents”).

Is Parenthood Linked to Greater Joy & Meaning or Misery? Science Speaks.

It’s sweet & touching in a parenting-media moment that seems to be mostly negative. Not to mention its feel-good message: a recent study concludes that parents “reported greater life satisfaction, meaning and purpose in life, but not happiness.”

(Ok, the part about not being happy isn’t a feel-good message but I think happiness is overrated compared with the other three attributes…)

I usually roll my eyes when I hear people debating who’s happier than whom. But I love Kashdan’s piece not only for the gruesomely adorable dialogue between him and his daughters, but also for his insight into what really matters when we’re thinking about “happiness.” Kashdan’s a skeptic (“Any nuanced social relationship that is described in black and white terms should be viewed with skepticism”) & seems to recognize the difference between quotidien happines & “meaning in life.”

And after having a rocky time last night with T & going to bed cranky, I love Kashdan’s advice to savor the amazing moments for just 10 seconds when your alone.

Being a mother is not what makes me happy, but it brings a new layer of meaning to my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


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