I’ve caught onto a pattern that has settled in in my household & I don’t like it. I’ll call it weekend-itis.

Weekend-itis afflicts working moms whose stressful weeks lead to conflicts at home on the weekend, usually caused by the following simple equations:

child’s need for mom’s attention > mom’s capacity to give


exasperatingly long list of chores > hours in one weekend

The result? A cascade of whining, acting out, disciplining, more misbehaving, losing of patience, unhappy child, unhappy mama.

I look forward to the weekends, which T affectionately calls “mama days.” I mostly enjoy my job, but there’s nothing I love more than my time with T. T looks forward to the weekends, too, often asking me toward he end of the week if a mama day is coming up.

So I usually feel pretty rotten when weekend-itis strikes.

Luckily, weekend-itis usually hits its fever pitch late Saturday afternoons, leaving us with Sunday to recover & enjoy our time together. Unfortunately, though, I often find that it’s symptoms can linger at bedtime on Saturday night, leaving me cranky & short even with MFA Dad.

So what to do?

Simply recognizing the symptoms can sometimes stave off a bout of weekend-itis. Taking a few deep breaths before walking in the door on Friday evening can help, too. As can planning time for yourself (even if it’s just a long quiet shower), not planning too much (a party, a play date, the grocery store, Costco & ironing is too much!), & allowing for short periods of undivided attention for your child/-ren (and if you can’t avoid doing too much every once in a while, a cherished distraction like a grandparent, favorite uncle or special treat can sometimes take the pressure off you just enough to allow everyone to survive the weekend).

But, also, knowing that weekend-itis will strike can help me keep perspective when it happens. We protect our weekends fiercely, but I inevitably loose it at some point. It happens. When it’s appropriate, I apologize to my son. Then we move on. I find myself wearing T or carrying him a lot lately. I try to get him involved in chores. He nurses a lot on the weekends. We deal.

Please, someone tell me I’m not the only one who suffers from weekend-itis! Leave a comment below to let me know I’m not alone. And if you have tips, even better!



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2 responses to “Weekend-itis

  1. taurusmom18

    You are not the only one! Right now my husband and I are both in the Army. Before our daughter, weekends were lazy days to unwind from working long hours all week. I’m pregnant again now so the whole first trimester I was a zombie and begged for naps on the weekend. I felt guilty that I wasn’t spending all day with Charlie. Even though I knew they were getting daddy-daughter bonding time while I napped, I still felt like a bad mom. I never have enough time to clean as much as I would like, and crazily enough, I do enjoy cleaning. I am really looking forward to becoming a stay at home mom! Weekend-itis will have a whole new meaning then, haha!


    • Unwinding is a distant memory, you’re so right! But don’t feel bad taking some time for yourself, especially since you’re pregnant (why is it so hard to take time for ourselves?!). Congrats on your coming changes (& let me know how stay-at-home weekend-itis shakes out)!

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