On the market

I have a job interview today.

It’s been two years since my last interview & I am so nervous. My stomach feels awful. I slept horribly. I’ve been over my resume a million times. I’ve read any & all documents that they could possibly ask about. I’ve played out all the scenarios in which the fact that I have a family could come up & how to redirect the conversation.

Yet I still feel unprepared.

Maybe it’s my suit.

I’m wearing the suit & shirt that I purchased as a 1L. (About the only thing I feel “good” about is that I can still squeeze into my 1L suit, even after incubating & popping out a small human.)

I remember my first interview in this suit. I was probably less prepared than I am now. I had never interviewed with a lawyer. I knew next to nothing about practicing law. I was 2 1/2 semesters away from even being eligible to be a lawyer.

Yet it was exciting. I loved my day in NYC, where the organization I interviewed with was located. I loved the people & the organization. I loved my solo visit to the Met afterward. It was an event.

Here I am today: licensed, (somewhat) experienced, totally qualified, interviewing for my dream job. Terrified.

Funny that I applied for a summer internship with the place I’m interviewing at today. I never got a response. Even after following up. Even after purchasing my awesome interview suit.

Not sure what that means. (I’m sure absolutely nothing.) Maybe I should have at least gotten a new suit.

At least I found a lucky penny on my walk to he train. Heads up, too. … But Canadian. … Sorry, Canada, I love you, I really really do… But today’s a day for Abe Lincoln. Still, the queen is in my pocket… Just in case.



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2 responses to “On the market

  1. Katie

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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