And sometimes…

… you have to pull the plug because a certain change just isn’t working.

We let our babysitter go because for all my cheery thoughts about transition, this one just wasn’t working.

It’s funny when & how you cross the line from hoping things will improve to knowing something’s just not right. One day you’re talking yourself into thinking things are alright & the next day you realize they’re not.

For us it was a well-intentioned email that told us that we just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye with the new babysitter & that it wasn’t worth the anxiety it was causing everyone to feel. It clicked in that moment even though nothing terrible had happened.

What I’ve come to realize is that more than TV-watching, more than picking out the right books at the library, more than being on time, it’s important (especially for parents who are AP or practice gentle discipline or are just in tune with their children no matter what they call it) that a care giver gets kids… understands age-appropriate behaviors, understands the difficulty transition presents for young people.

I still stand by my prior post: transition is difficult. T is struggling with figuring out this whole preschool thing. The difference? Why aren’t we pulling the plug on school when it’s proving so difficult?

The difference is easy: T’s teachers understand what he’s going through & can support him emotionally. They call MFA Dad & their calm & patience is abundantly clear.

I’m fearing going through another round of interviews with babysitters. At the same time, though, I’m confident we won’t make the same mistake.

Ugh. Transitions are never fun.


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