A public thank-you

I think I am like most American adults: a little self-centered & often hoping things will go my way. So when my son begins to pretend that my hair clip is a crane & my drawer in the bathroom is a worksite that needs to be cleared my knee-jerk reaction is annoyance as I try to reach for my make-up brush during the morning dash out the door.

Then I stop myself.

We’re going to be apart for most of the day. He wants to be near me. Nothing in there is all that breakable. What’s a little mess?

“Will you clean it up?” “Yes.”


I intervened when the mess started looking more like a disaster, but he easily accepted that little limitation. Clean-up ended up taking some convincing but he did it almost all by himself.

So, am I a parenting genius, solving would-be morning confrontations & figuring out what limits are reasonable in a flash (even after only one cup of coffee)?!

No. (I did, after all, forget to remove my sharp-pointed tweezers & scissors before giving him the green light…)

It’s just that I sometimes remember an email I’ve read that day or morning from Scott Noelle, who sends out little bits of true parenting genius every day in his free Daily Groove emails.

I’ve read a number of parenting books that I love & often turn to for advice. Dr. Sears & Alfie Kohn & Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (among others) have helped me to discover the parent I hope to be.

Noelle’s daily reminders help me to be that parent more often than not.

Thank you!

(Note: This post was totally unsolicited. I’ve actually never been in touch directly with Noelle before posting this, nor have I used his coaching services.)


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