Some days are almost perfect

Both T & I had the day off on Monday. (Hooray for Columbus?!) We had one of those days that are impossible during a rushed weekend or (obviously) a weekday evening.

It was lazy but somehow full. We balanced play time at home with being outside & running errands. We started making Halloween decorations. I managed to spot hungry & tired before conflict escalated. T remained cheerful when I admitted to baking his would-be jack-o-lantern during his nap so that we could make pumpkin muffins instead.

My reaction was to want to quit my job.

I told MFA Dad & he laughed. It was true… I did not remember having a series of such wonderful days (or even a handful) when was at home closer to full time.

I reluctantly returned to work on Tuesday. I’m still savoring my day off with T & working on making such go-with-the-flow days happen again. (I’m thinking it takes presence of mind more than a day off or a large chunk of time…)

But the best part was learning from his grandma the next day that he had reported that he had the “best” day with his mama.



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2 responses to “Some days are almost perfect

  1. Annie

    I like this post. It reminds me to stop trying to schedule and plan and just move with my daughter rather than try to direct her.

    • Thanks, Annie! I find I have the best days with T if I have 1 or 2 things I need (or would like) to do (to anchor the day) but can otherwise go with his flow. We can really connect on those days. Of course, those days are unfortunately rare… but I cherish them when they happen.

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