It’s Attachment Parenting Month!

Who knew?! October is attachment parenting month!

What a better time to focus on connecting with our little ones than a time when the weather starts to cool down, we start to turn inward, we slow down after the busy summer & we spend more time at home. (OK, at least that’s what October means to me.)

If you’re new to attachment parenting (or “AP,” as it’s often called), welcome! I’m an outside-of-the-home jobbing mom & I have managed to practice AP through law school, a couple of summer internships & now my first full-time lawyering gig. Please poke around this blog for ideas about AP & working.

If you don’t know AP from OT, check out this overview by Peggy O’Mara. Or visit Attachment Parenting International.

If you’re curious why any woman would want to undertake AP & law school or lawyering, check out this prior post.

Enjoy the changing leaves & celebrate fostering attachment with your babes (no matter how you do it or how old your “babes” really are)!


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