Part-time mother


I am coming to terms with the fact that I may be (probably am) a part-time mother.

Of course it’s a ridiculous exercise to parse out our efforts & love & energy, as if it is impossible to be more than one thing at once. I would never call myself a part-time wife.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about who/what I really am, to whom, & why.

This is the stuff I should be writing about but to be honest, it’s hard to process these thoughts, let alone write about them.

Which is why things have been a bit quiet around here lately.

I am looking forward to a short work week & the holiday. Time with T. Time with family.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving & I’ll see you on the other side!

P.S. I will be writing about all these tough thoughts very soon, so stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Part-time mother

  1. no matter what you are doing, or where you are, you are still a mother. i think mother’s put an unrealistic amount of pressure on each other, and on ourselves. i wrestled with this same sort of question to myself when my sons were small, and ultimately, i did have to go back to work when they were 2 and 4. it seemed like i was selling them out, and i hated that. they are almost 16 and 18 now, and i don’t think they’ve held against me the fact that they went to a quality preschool for three days a week whilst i supported them. 🙂 it might come out later in therapy, but for now, they seem to like me well enough. 🙂 be well. motherhood is one of the craziest evolutions i have ever gone through. i never thought i’d be growing as much as my children, and yet i am.

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