Sometimes things just work out

I’ve been a little under the weather & under slept, so I deliberately set my alarm a little later than normal last night. The only problem was that I had 100 things to do this morning.

After hitting snooze, I jolted awake remembering that I needed to brown some still-half-frozen meat before starting the slow cooker.

I rolled out of bed, enjoyed a silent cup of coffee with MFA Dad in our yet-dimly-lit kitchen & pulled out the stew beef for my slow cooker chili … Yikes! Still frozen!

Ok, into a bowl of water it goes. Rinse beans that had been soaking & dump into crock pot. Rinse & quickly cook up the oatmeal that had also been soaking.

Crap! Less than a hour until T & I have to leave… Meat still frozen, T still asleep, I’m still unshowered & unkempt, lunch still not packed…

And then I remember… I have to be on time today! I have a court hearing to attend!

My heart is now pounding but I can’t seem to move any faster.

T’s awake & he wants to nurse. Of course he does… Two days of not nursing in the morning & he picks today to start up again?!

Getting dressed. I can still make it on time… Wait?! T, why are you in your underwear flipping through a catalog of Thomas train toys?! We have to leave in, like, 2 minutes!! Well, since you slobber all over yourself when you brush your teeth, you’d better brush them now since you don’t have your school clothes on yet. Please, please… We need to work together to get to school & work on time!

Thankfully the transit gods were looking favorably upon us this morning. We caught the bus to school & the school doors had barely opened as we walked up. Kisses. My train was there when I got to the station. I walked into work earlier than I needed to be.

What just happened? I don’t know but I’m trying not to think about it so that I don’t wear out my good luck!

… On that note, I hope the slow cooker hasn’t somehow ignited & torched our house…


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