Signing off for 2012

I admit that the events of last week, the massacre of small children in Newtown, have left me speechless, on this blog & in real life. As many of you are probably feeling, it’s been difficult to go through the ritual of holiday festivities this week knowing that so many are grieving deeply, saying good-bye to loved ones & friends in a cruel procession of funerals.

I have a handful of posts at the ready, but I can’t seem to hit the “publish” button. Not yet.

For now, I’m signing petitions, looking for ways to take more meaningful action & just being with my son as much as possible.

My son has no idea why I’ve been so over-the-top touchy-feely. And he’s probably been confused when I take him up on almost every request to sleep with him or lay with him in his tiny bed. And he’s probably been annoyed by my bear hugs & storm of kisses at the school steps each morning.

But he’ll have to keep enduring them because I’m not going to let up any time soon.

I wish you all a warm & peaceful time with family & loved ones as we approach the end of the year & the close of a frenzied season. To the families in Newtown, I will keep you in my hearts.


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