Happy 2013!

I’m on the train on my way to work after 10 days off (the most time off I’ve had in 1 1/2 years)…

I’m not ready to go back to work, I’m not ready to go back to go back to work, I’m not ready to go back, I’m not… ready…

Don’t get me wrong. I actually have one of the best lawyer jobs around & I genuinely like the people I work with (or “with whom I work” depending on grammar fussiness).

It’s just that after ten days with my little & big families it’s hard. Those were ten lovely days, even though we travelled & got sick for many of those days. It was awesome to have the time to reconnect with my parents & brother & sister-in-law & nephews. It was awesome to put T down for his naps, go sledding & witness Christmas overload up close. It was lovely to clean house, host friends & be hosted ourselves.

And now it’s back to my routine. But with new intentions for the new year. New ideas on how I want to live my life (after reading Radical Homemakers… More on that in an upcoming post). Knowledge that there is big change brewing (again).

I hope this year is a year of more joy, strength & purpose. Instead of resolutions, I’m trying to create an intention or two for the year. Joy, strength & purpose.

I want to open myself to more joy. There’s a lot of it, but sometimes the everyday stresses keep me from seeing it. Especially with T. He is nothing if not joyful & I’d be a fool not to let more of that joy into my core existence. I can choose to be a more joyful parent & person, even in a stressful & fear-filled world. (Thank you to Beth Berry of Revolution from Home, for the inspiration.)

I also hope to find more time to take care of myself. I feel as if I am undergoing a massive transformation & I know I will need energy for the changes that lie ahead this year. I know I can expect more from my life & profession than golden handcuffs & super-long hours. As I figure out my next move, I will need strength & purpose to figure it out.

May you find more joy, more strength, more purpose this year, too, along with any other intentions or hopes you might have.

I’m ready.


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