Roses are blue…

Admiring his valentines over breakfast this morning, T asked me why women like flowers & why didn’t MFA Dad buy me flowers yesterday?

Where does he get this stuff?!

I asked him if he liked flowers & then if he knew anyone (man or woman, boy or girl) who didn’t like flowers.

I think he understood the ridiculousness of someone not liking flowers.

I informed T that his father really loved flowers but left it at that.

I remember my first credit card purchase was a bouquet of flowers for MFA Dad. (Not to celebrate buying on credit… It’s just a salient memory for me.)

I know what MFA Dad’s favorite flowers are and he may or may not know mine. I don’t much care.

As much as I wanted to go into all that, I refrained. But it just sort of tears me up inside that T is already taking on these gender-normative roles.

For now I’m adopting a less-words-more-action kind of approach and engaging in concrete (not theoretical) discussions. … Needless to say, I will be coming home with two flowers today, a little post-Valentine’s Day gift for each of my boys.


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