Down with big soda!

I’m still not back up to speed after traveling earlier this week so I don’t have a full-blown Food Friday post for you.

But check Mark Bittman has an opinion piece on NYC’s attempted “big gulp ban” that might be of interest to real-food-loving and/or lawyer types.

I have not read the judicial opinion Mr. Bittman discusses (& I therefore have no opinion on it myself) but I find his more general points about sugar & the advertising of sugary drinks to be compelling.

Here are some highlights:

One could argue that after tobacco, sodas might just be the biggest killers via preventable disease in the country. Yet just as 32 ounces seems to be the new normal, so does death by preventable disease. Think about what the word “preventable” means for a moment.

The argument that preventing us from buying 32 ounces of liquid candy in one container somehow restricts our “liberties” can be seriously made only by those who would allow marketing of tobacco to children.

The beverage industry’s decision to grow default soda sizes (a Coke was seven ounces when I was a kid, and that seemed plenty) was a cynical profit grab that is a direct and leading cause of obesity, metabolic syndrome and therefore illness, sometimes fatal.

Depressing for a Friday, maybe; but important stuff.


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