Birthday boy

Last week, T turned four.


I can hardly believe it. But what’s harder to believe is the change I feel this year.

For the first time the anniversary of T’s due date (a full two weeks before his birthday) came & went without me noticing.

On the morning of T’s birthday, MFA Dad & I weren’t sure of the exact time he was born.

The memories of the first couple of days of T’s life are starting to get a bit fuzzy. (I better finish editing that birth story soon!)

T is not a baby anymore (duh!) and I am not the mother of a baby.

It’s an adjustment. Baby talk, weaning & not weaning, denial. We’re dealing with it all (sometimes with grace… sometimes without…).

A bit silly to be realizing all this now, but so much happens in four short years… It’s hard to keep up emotionally. I’m trying.


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