Breathing the same air…

Is it boasting to point out that Mark Bittman & I were breathing the same air this week?

I really enjoyed discovering Mr. Bittman’s most recent thoughts on food (fast food in this instance) right on the heels of my family’s own struggle with eating on the road last weekend.

Funny, too, that our “healthy” meal this past weekend was from Chipotle & Mr. Bittman semi-praises the chain for elevating fast food out of the doldrums of Taco Bell, Subway, etc.

Chipotle is a guilty pleasure of mine. I attempted to make my meal more healthful by foregoing the cheese & sour cream & tortilla shell, but I didn’t consider sodium … or the fact that I ate about five pounds of food when really half a serving would have been more than enough food for one person.

I’ve also eaten a bunch at Native Foods Cafe, a vegan chain restaurant mentioned briefly in the article as one of a new crop of restaurants closer to Mr. Bittman’s ideal fast food option.

I love Native Foods but I doubt it’s much healthier than Chipotle. I’m skeptical of meat substitutes, especially those that involve soy. (Though I understand that Native Foods makes their own meat & dairy substitutes, which is a whole lot better—and possibly less processed—than a couple of the restaurants Mr. Bittman mentions, which use particular brands of fake meat & cheese that are way too processed for me.) I’d much rather opt for Chipotle’s pork options, which appear to be humanely raised.

Or just eat a bowlful of veggies, which I can pretty much do at either restaurant.

Instead of focusing on vegan restaurants, I wish the article looked at whether the restaurants were serving real food, vegan or not. Vegetables are most often what goes missing when eating on the road, so that’s what I dream of finding in my ideal fast food joint. Whole grains & pastured meat/eggs/dairy would be icing on the cake, so to speak.

Right now, I’m still feeling a bit depressed at the lack of options on the real food front. But I think Mr. Bittman (as usual) is moving us in the right direction. A “McBitty’s” fast food joint would be welcome on any street corner, in my opinion!


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