It’s over… Screen-Free Week, that is

Well, I’d say Screen-Free Week was a big bust in my household.

It’s the truth.

There was some good, but first, a confession.

I got bored. I was between books & craft projects. So I snuck in screen time in the evenings & mornings. I peeked at my Facebook feed for interesting links posted by friends. I devoured a few book reviews on Slate. I searched for recipes online (even though I have a small army of cookbooks in the pantry). I browsed the public library website for new books for my kindle (even though we have no fewer that four bookshelves filled with every genre imaginable). I looked up a few homemade remedies that I knew of but didn’t know how to execute. I watched a couple things on Netflix with MFA Dad. I watched a bit of T’s favorite documentary with him Friday night. I let him watch the rest on Saturday morning by himself.

Things I didn’t do: I didn’t research general food stuff. I didn’t follow the news. I didn’t update, blog, tweet or otherwise post anything on the Internet. I didn’t use the web as a gateway to self- or pseudo-diagnosis. I didn’t read any personal blogs. I didn’t check email or any socials media when I was with T (& I mostly didn’t when I was with MFA Dad, either).

Two good things about Screen-Free Week, though…

The world (both online & off) got along just fine in my absence when I went on total detox the first few days. I was energized & for stuff done!

Also, I trusted the world & people & being a lot more. I asked questions, thought things over in quiet. I just was.

So it’s not that Screen-Free Week was a total bust, but it was hard. And definitely far from perfect.

I think it would be more meaningful if my whole family was involved. And if T were a bit older. As it is now, T just gets conflicting messages & MFA Dad & I are in different places.

And, finally, screens are ubiquitous. I look at my iPhone to set a timer or check the bus schedule, in addition to all the stuff I was avoiding. My library has really good books for the kindle. My friends discover all sorts of important & interesting things in the world & share them on Facebook.

Detox is necessary, but so is a good dose of restraint practiced on a daily basis. Until next year’s Screen-Free Week, restraint (especially with hand-held devices) will be my goal.



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