New pan

Happy Friday!

Woke up extra early this morning to break in our new cast iron pan. Bacon seemed like a relatively safe bet since I didn’t take the time to season the pan myself & indeed it was delicious. The rest of the morning was crazy rushed (probably because I’m not a great multi-tasker) but worth it.

I also read to T from Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma which is so, so compelling (Why I was reading it to him? He woke up really early (during my coffee & quiet time) & so we shared that time together). T was actually interested (it was a chapter on processed foods & cereal in particular).

T observed that’s not at all what we eat (saying our food comes from the grocery store & not a factory… which is partly accurate…) & that opened a conversation about food & poverty. We recently donated some healthy but non-perishable food to the food pantry, so it’s a concrete concept for him. It was a great way to talk about the problem of cheap, processed foods.

Over breakfast we also talked about food co-ops & why they’re way better than Whole Foods. (One may be opening close to us & I’m ridiculously excited.)

That’s our Food Friday so far & that’s a lot for one morning!



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2 responses to “New pan

  1. I just read this post to my husband who keeps trying to school me in taking care of our cast iron pan. I can’t seem to master all the cleaning and oiling. Then our nanny put it in the dishwasher so he’s about to throw it out. And I love that you read Pollan to your son. I should try that with my kids.

    • Thanks, Outlaw Mama!! We’re struggling with the cast iron pan, too! It’s trickier than folks make it out to be. I’ll try seasoning it this weekend & post if it works out!

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