What could be worse than a bloody nose?

I’ll tell you what’s worse:

… A four year old getting bloody nose at midnight… Being so tired that I do a half-a$$ed job holding the little guy’s nose for a minute but dream (since I’m still sleeping, really) that it’s been at least the requisite 10 minutes & then it starts gushing again… Getting said four year old all worked up because I can’t wake up to do a proper job of it… Having to do the job twice more before actually getting it right (holding the nose in the right place, using the right amount of pressure, singing the right song…). Then sitting up worrying about the possibility of having to make a second hospital visit (after having spent the evening visiting my lovely grandmother after she had surgery). Wondering, as I try to fall back asleep, how to acquire a cool-most humidifier & an air filter ASAP so this doesn’t happen again.

But then the good part:

Cuddling a finally calm (& not-bleeding) T to sleep. Feeling him cling to me. Sleep, sweet sleep.

Then the bad, again:

Waking up late, still under-slept, realizing there’s no way I’m getting out the door on time to get T to school & myself to work. Sheepishly begging MFA Dad (who also appears to be sleepwalking) to walk T to school so I can hop a train. Learning from MFA Dad that we still didn’t manage to get T to school on time. Double the effort, double fail.

This day will get better, right?! I know one thing… It will require some more coffee!



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2 responses to “What could be worse than a bloody nose?

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