And just like that…

… summer is half-over or more than half-over or almost over!

I’m not one to make grand summer plans, but as a novice gardener, I’ve put blood, sweat & tears (… ok… just sweat…) into planning for the warm summer months.

And in true Mom, JD fashion, I plan big … & then peeter out.

Check this out:

Abundant & lush. But also unkempt, untended, unpruned.

If it weren’t for MFA Dad’s faithful watering & weeding, I fear the whole thing would be dead.

Because summer hasn’t happened for me really. I feel the spirit of summer & I spent a week in a cottage with friends but it’s also been really hectic at work most of the summer & the days just go on as normal.

The days are anything but normal for MFA Dad, who has been with T most days now & has scrambled together some child care swaps so that he can get some work done here & there. I wish I could help out more & I feel like I’m missing out on T’s summer days.

But I’m also grateful that MFA Dad is allowing T to have a relaxed, even boring summer break. They spend a lot of time in our neighborhood, just playing & jamming. I was reminded of how important a chill summer is for kids when I came across this article, which features my favorite writer on parenting, Kim John Payne.

Maybe next summer I’ll plan a more boring summer for myself … less travel & more days off spent at home, with T.

P.S. Sorry if you got an earlier draft version of this post… I am not so savvy with this WordPress app!!


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