About Mom, JD

With 1L at a demanding law school behind me, I figured I could handle anything… and I don’t mean joining law review… I mean having a child in the middle of law school!

I’ve recently graduated, passed the bar, took a short hiatus & am now working as a real, licensed lawyer… In short, I’m starting my legal career as the mother of a toddler.

This is a diary of sorts, a place to record the happening of my little family: MFA Dad (my hubby), me, & T (that’s the boy). I’ll be documenting a lack of sanity and a lack of “balance”–whatever that might be–since I was barely keeping it all together before baby came along! This is also a place for me to share my thoughts on parenting (as a feminist-, attachment parenting-, equitable parenting-mom… I like labels… find them comforting… what can I say, I’m a lawyer). As such, this blog will naturally reflect my experience on this journey, and that may look like something different from yours. My goal is not to convert you to my feminist, AP, equitable parenting ways, but I do try to provide ideas & support for those who are toying with these ideas/approaches. I realize there are many ways to raise happy & healthy kids!

(Note: I use the term “working” a lot on in my blog posts to refer to working outside the home or work other than child rearing. Full-time, almost-full-time & part-time child rearing is work, too–obviously! I’ve been there, I know what it means. Unfortunately, there is not a concise, blog-ready way to distinguish between these to types of work & so I often find myself referring to outside jobbing as “work.” But by doing so I’m not intending to devalue or denigrate the work of raising children. Just want to clear that up!)

I hope you find something interesting here & will share your own thoughts or questions (please, don’t be shy! say hello!). Thanks for stopping by!

You can also contact me at momjdblog at gmail dot com.

Cheers to all my fellow thinly-stretched mamas out there!


4 responses to “About Mom, JD

  1. M

    Well! I was just thinking of starting my own blog, and was wondering what was out there in a similar vein – and I found you! I’m an attachment parenting, full time lawyering mom of a toddler too (feminist too, for that matter). I might have named my blog Mom LL.B. if I hadn’t searched you out first! I am looking forward to reading your blog updates. Take care!

  2. Kendra Thornton

    Hi there!

    I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thank you!

  3. aliya y.

    I just landed my first “real” lawyer job since graduating and am the mother of a 1 yr old – I’ve been looking for a blog that talks about the experience and of lawyering/mothering and am so glad you started one! I need a virtual support group for what I know will be a tough first year at least as a junior associate at a law firm.

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